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A conviction can follow you for the rest of your life, and convictions can occur even when the only evidence is the alleged victim's word.

Even the casual comment made by a child, a complaint by a student, a patient-doctor relationship gone bad or a difficult divorce can lead to potential sex related charges.

The list also featured a graveyard, an airbase, a lighthouse, a pub, golf courses, beaches, woodlands and secluded roads.

Doncaster has been at the centre of a number of sex and nudity related headlines in recent months, with the kinky couple's outdoor romp followed by stories of a naked woman photographed strolling starkers through the town centre, a photo of a woman having her naked bottom groped outside a Doncaster taxi office going viral and a picture of a woman performing a sex act on a man in Bower's Fold also proving a web hit.

Making up the top ten were Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Belfast and Bristol.

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When asked how her stage persona differed from her private life, Spice’s brash voice dimmed to coquettish purr as she discussed the realities of dating in her native Jamaica and finding suitors that aren’t intimidated by her openly sexy ways.

While in town for Hot 97’s On The Reggae Tip and the rest of the Labor Day festivities, we spoke candidly with Spice about her five favorite positions and exactly how she likes it in the Romping Shop.

Leicester is famed for many things, Richard III, Walkers Crisps, Gary Lineker and Leicester City being top of the Premier League, but now it can lay claim to being one of the sex capitals of the United Kingdom.

We tend to think of much of this antique advice as useless, or sexist, or prudish, good for nothing but a laugh, such as Dorothy Dix’s advice in 1939’s “How to Win and Hold a Husband:” “...

by the awe with which you listen to his opinions; by the rapt expression on your face when you listen to him monologing along about himself ... Implore him to write to the President and tell him just how to settle the farm-relief problem and how to deal with the Japanese situation.” (For more such nuggets see Miss Abigail’s Time Warp Advice.) Often we’re laughing in smug ignorance, suggested Christina Simmons, acting head of the history department and professor of history and women’s studies at Canada’s University of Windsor. So, as millions of brides and grooms step up to the altar or the beach sand or the living room fireplace to get married this wedding season, Sexploration is resurrecting a few bits of wisdom.

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