Popularity of internet dating

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And yet, 45 percent of the people polled still saw online dating as "dangerous" compared to other ways of meeting people. Twenty-eight percent of users reported being contacted by someone who harassed them or made them feel uncomfortable.Women were more likely to experience said harassment (which would explain why they are more likely to see online dating as dangerous).It's hard to believe that the first online dating site launched 20 years ago.Meeting a partner online has become as much a part of our culture as hamburgers and fries, and it's often responded to with the same feelings of love and hate.If you have any questions or wish to include some information please contact us.Those seeking love aren’t want for options — at least when it comes to dating apps.The stigma has lifted from online dating, and it has become a bit of a pop-culture phenomenon with sites like Tinder and Ashley Madison coming on board.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and conventional wisdom both suggest that love is a fundamental human need. A survey conducted in 2013 found that 77% of people considered it “very important” to have their smartphones with them at all times.

Nearly nine-in-ten Americans are online, and dating on the Web has grown in both popularity and acceptance according to the Pew Research Center.

The use of online dating is both an act of convenience and desperation.

Beyond that "danger" factor, the other stigmas surrounding online dating apparently aren't dead yet.

Of those polled, 31 percent thought online dating gives people too many choices to settle down.

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