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When he awakes, he is tied up to a chair, and Hayley accuses him of pedophilia. Though it is not one to recommend for "Family Night," Hard Candy offers an intriguing one-time viewing thanks to the effectiveness of its two-man show approach. I don't need a rash of emails reminding me of my chauvinism.

Raised by her Chinese grandparents, the thrilling mystery of Rosie's missing parents is soon revealed, as is her place in the world.The couple have been together for over six years now and finally...The premiere of season 10 of Grey's Anatomy aired last night (Thursday 26th September).The Grey's Anatomy star has teamed up with Canadian director Ann Marie Fleming on Window Horses, a movie which will...When a Grey’s Anatomy finale is titled Farewell to Christina, fans know roughly what to expect – especially since Sandra Oh’s departure from the Shonda Rhimes-penned drama was announced some months ago. Jesse Williams, the star of hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy, is expecting his first child with his wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, Us Weekly reports.

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