Hiv dating ga

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REFUND POLICY: Cancellation requests should be received no later than two weeks prior to the program.

An administrative fee will be charged to process all cancellations. Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be made after the program.

I feel very blessed that I have made a few nice friends. It was at that point I learned that if I wanted to meet serious minded and quality people, I would need to join a paid, professional site. There were many disappointments along the way, but after 500 people viewing my profile, I was contacted by another member in my State of Florida... After three weeks of endless telephone conversations and an intense friendship, we met.

I met a couple of you at the Garden of Eden benefit in Dallas a few years back and I wanted to let you know that I met a wonderful person because of your site. After three months we became lovers and partners for life, with plans to move in together in the very near future and get married.

Please contact [email protected] more information. NON-PAYMENT: Failure to pay any sums when due will result in the submission of the account balance to a collection agency and all fees and costs of collections, including attorney’s fees, will be paid by you, the customer.

RETURNED CHECK FEE: Checks returned for any reason will be assessed a service fee of .00, or 5% of the face value of the check, whichever is greater.

I didn't know how to find another positive like-minded guy.She revealed to me that she had seen my profile for two years, and finally joined the site to contact me. Be blessed, if you believe in that; otherwise I simply would say, THANKS A LOT.You never may realize what a great impact this site has made to me. I can only tell you that it is wonderful that you even have a site for us.(Daniel Desrochers and Natalie Fertig / Mc Clatchy) Hayes questioned Turner in the Muscogee County Jail Monday afternoon about the accusation, and he refused to speak with police without an attorney present.Hayes issued a warrant later that day for reckless conduct HIV. After the hearing, the victim told the Ledger-Enquirer that her life changed the moment she learned about Turner’s HIV status.

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